Palm SpringsCDA34Werk: Palm Springs Ca, 2019
olieverf op doek 33x25, 2023,  
Egge Altena
This painting with time/space stamp, is one that lies close to my heart as it expresses much of my experience that followed in 2020 and 2021, and surely of when I snapped the image: the empty space, the lone figure... Having lived and traveled extensively in the Mid- and Southwest of America I truly lost my heart to the desert/rural and urban landscapes out there.
While painting, one can describe a snippet of time and space that would otherwise be lost in between cracks of pavement, fractions of seconds. In this case I retrieved it with paint, creating a new space with a different time stamp, an echo. 
Some of these 'object trouvés' find their way to a work, others don't but live on in the 'fabric' of my studio, just as well, I was happy though to give this one a try.